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Removing barriers between generations

Young and old people learning from each other

Societal exclusion and loneliness are increasingly frequent in remote and sparsely populated regions and have significant negative impacts on physical and mental health. To contrast these phenomena, PLACE-EE has organized in Limerick County 12 workshops with an average of 60 participants split equally between young (16-17 years old) and old people (65-74 years old). At these workshops , participants examined potential barriers to access to services and causes of social exclusion within their community. Other topics included local heritage, knowledge, and culture, resulting in many stories, photographs, and memories being shared between generations and accessible through the Transnational cultural heritage archive.

To increase elderly people capacity to connect and access to information, young participants taught them how to use smart phones or tablets for online shopping or online banking. By the end of these workshops, 80% of the participants indicated that they had increased their use of technology. Pensioners agreed that having the help of patient young helpers, was of great value!

Intergenerational work is a great way to remove barriers between groups of people, to foster greater understanding and raise awareness of the unique experiences and skills that different generations can share with one another. The PLACE-EE project presented its activities and success stories in a webinar and a podcast.

Photo credit and copyright: PLACE-EE project


Prof Roger O'Sullivan

Institute of Public Health

PLACE-EE was an ambitious, transnational partnership that provided the opportunity for public health agencies, local authorities, academics, and ICT experts to work together to improve the quality of life for older people. An innovative and exciting programme, it fostered relationships and solutions and is an exemplar of how to build capacity, resilience, connectivity and engagement for and with rural communities.