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Sailing to small islands

New facilities attract more visitors to small islands

The Cool Route is a large sea area stretching from Southern Ireland, across Northern Ireland and on to Northern Scotland, then continues to Faroe Islands and runs up the western coastline of Norway. The route has been used since the 6th century AD by Christian’s monks, Viking traders and warriors. The project aimed to revive this route by increasing the number of marine tourists and by developing new businesses in the peripheral coastal areas. Based on international cooperation, a number of reports were published. The Route Study on Cruising preferences for example showed what is sailors´ ideal distance between stopovers and what are their preferred onshore activities.


Séamus Ó Drisceoil

Cape Clear Ferry Service

The new pontoons at Cape Clear Island have brought a significant level of new business to island enterprises. We have introduced new services to meet the needs of visitors & for the first time ever we have received visits from small liners carrying over 100 passengers. We are very happy at the demand for the new visitor specific services and can report a fairly dramatic increase in other services (food and drink) which leads to more cargo being brought by us.