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Seeing the past of Helmsdale

Online exhibition mapping the history of Kildonan & Helmsdale

To showcase how digital technologies are changing the current curatorial practices, the CINE project has prepared a digital exhibition called Real Rights. The Exhibition presents the parish history of Kildonan and Helmsdale, within the intersecting frames of climate change and colonialism, and provides an integrated framework for bringing together art, heritage and digital in the process of museum re-development. As part of this exhibition, visitors can see a digital reconstruction of Iron Age Kildonan, Caen Longhouse Settlement, and Helmsdale Fishing village from 1890. The models have been developed in collaboration with the community, who were involved in conducting historical research, in digital modelling and curated interpretation. CINE captured the discussion about the role of digital technologies in developing a more creative museum experience in one of its CINE TALKS.

If you are interested in developing a new digital heritage project, check out CINE´s toolkits.

Photos credit and copyright: CINE project & Timespan


Susan Kruse

Archaeology for Communities in the Highlands

Timespan’s digital work is progressive in learning about and understanding Highland regional archaeology and how digital technology can be used to explore and promote local heritage. It is accessible to all ages with an interest in archaeology, and those who have little or no digital experience.