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Urchins in the spotlight

Monitoring urchin populations

By using a drone, Nofima was able to undertake fine scale aerial surveying of sea urchin population. The results were used to discover new fishing areas and to scientifically monitor the urchin population. The same partner has also run roe enhancement trials, where they tested whether feeding the urchins with a special diet increases their roes. The trials were successful and enhanced urchins were shipped to restaurants in Norway and in Japan. In cooperation with Norway King Crab, Nofima has organized a transportation trail to test various methods of urchin transportation and helped C Robotics AS to test their new harvesting technique.


Rune Svendsen

C Robotics AS

C Robotics AS has found the URCHIN project to be very beneficial. Nofima has provided general advice of sea urchin biology and fisheries. We attended the sea urchin stakeholder workshop held in Oslo and this was an excellent platform to meet other stakeholders and researchers from Norway and other NPA countries. Nofima and C Robotics AS ran a pilot scale test of a new harvesting technique and this has resulted in valuable information on the harvesting system and a means of communicating the efficacy of the product. The company is now negotiating the first sale of its harvesting system in several countries.