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Virtual tour in a 16th century Monastery

Digitizing and mapping cultural heritage sites

The Skriðuklaustur case study explored the recently excavated monastery from 16th century in East Iceland. The heritage site provided the testing ground for a variety of technologies during the CINE project, including creating a site´s digital model, digitising artefacts from the 2000-2012 excavation, mapping the historical travel routes around the monastery, and making a treasure hunt game, together with the Gamification Handbook. As part of the advanced mapping, the partners developed a Muninn app. The idea with the app is to involve citizens into locating cultural remains, monitoring changes, and developing a cultural heritage database that provides vital information for local municipalities and professional archaeologists.

CINE has explored the themes of heritage storytelling and gamification in one of its CINE TALKS. If you are interested in developing a new digital heritage project, check out CINE´s toolkits.

Photo credit and copyright: © Gunnarsstofnun


Ásta Hermannsdóttir

The Cultural Heritage Agency of Iceland

For some time, we've wanted to build an app which could help the agency with monitoring of cultural heritage sites (e.g. in connection with erosion), building a stronger relationship with the public and tap into the enthusiasm and knowledge of interested parties. Muninn does exactly this and we are very pleased to see the app materialize and we are looking forward to working with it. With Muninn we can exploit current technology to help us with our role in protecting the heritage.