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Vuollerim – an energy hub

Uncovering the green energy potential

The LECo project supports small communities in becoming self-sufficient regarding energy. LECo´s Energy Village strategic plan serves as a guide for communities on how to best use locally available renewable energy sources. Ideas are further developed in local Handbooks (på svenska) containing recommendations to support and accelerate energy transition in small communities. The project investigated whether a community owned solar power plant could solve Vuollerim´s problem of increasing energy bills. Based on the study findings, this small village in Northern Sweden has started searching for a suitable spot for a solar plant and initiated a dialogue with other important partners like energy companies and financing institutions. Leco presents its renewable energy solutions suitable for small rural communities in a podcast.

Photo credit and copyright: LECo project


Kåge Nevberg

a treasurer at the Folkets Hus, Vuollerim

The LECo project has been very useful to us! The community energy system model and scenario gave us a good picture about how much energy we use and how much that costs. Now we also know more about the renewable potentials beyond hydro power and how different options for development interfere with each other. That was a good start for more concrete ideas and discussions for our own local sustainable energy projects. It will help us in the future.