GLOW2.0 Dark Sky Thematic Resources

Useful resources from the project

Specification of Capacity Training Programme

NPA GLOW2.0 partners have during the first project period (12.2022 – 05.2023) worked towards identifying the needs of the target audience. The target audience have been tourism product and service providers from 4 participating countries – Finland, Ireland, Norway and Iceland. This was realised via a survey questionary. This report gives a summary of the survey findings, and specifies the needs of target audience for creation of a formal capacity building and training programme, including synergies with other project activities in other project Work Packages (WPs). NOTE: Interested in Capacity Training Programme/ engaging with the project? Kindly contact our partner in your region.


D1.1.1. Specification Of Capacity Training Programme Final Version

Deliverable D1.1.1

British Association of Planetaria Conference & OM Dark Sky Park & Observatory

This report provides an overview of our participation in the British Planetarium Conference 2023, hosted at Armagh Planetarium, and our visits to OM Dark Sky Park and Observatory, as well as Sperrinview Glamping site. The British Planteria Conference 2023 held in Armagh brought together experts and researchers in the field of astronomy, space exploration, and planetarium technology. Armagh Planetarium was one of the founding members of BAP. Throughout the conference, various themes were explored, topics such as the promotion of dark skies tourism, technological advancements like Virtual Reality (VR), and the innovative concept of a mobile planetarium. Additionally, we gained insights into an ongoing heritage community project at Sherwood Planetarium and Observatory. We also provide details about our comprehensive tour of the OM Dark Sky Park and Observatory.


Glow2.0 WP3 BAP Conference Om Dark Sky Park

Learnings on promotion of dark skies tourism, technological advancements like Virtual Reality (VR), and the innovative concept of a mobile planetarium.

Benchmarking Trips – AR VR INNOVATE Conference & Expo

ARVR is one of the premier conferences in Europe that focuses on commercial application of AR and VR, this event started in 2014. It has been at forefront in promoting business using AR and VR technologies. The main purpose GLOW2.0 was part of this trip was to further explore and gain knowledge in Virtual Reality Experiences. We wanted to explore the available options in the market to aid with the technical specification for the virtual planetarium. Read our key learnings & recommendations on AR/VR/Immersive technologies!


Period 1 2022 2025 GLOW2.0 May 2023 Benchmarking Trip ARVR RDS

Learnings & recommendations on immersive technologies/AR/VR applications

Review Paper on Current Status and Strategies with regards to Dark Sky Tourism

This NPA GLOW2.0 survey aimed at identifying the preservation efforts and initiatives for Dark Sky and light pollution in participating NPA regions of Ireland, Finland, Northwest Iceland, and Norway. With a focus on regional development and policy implementation, the study offers the unique approaches and initiatives adopted in studied countries, shedding light on the workings of their respective regional landscapes.

Current Dark Sky Status and Strategies in the Northern Periphery and Arctic Regions

Arctic Night and Darkness

Light pollution has gradually increased so much that arctic winter nights have largely disappeared unnoticed. Measurements of Night sky brightness taken from the ground prove the disappearance of night i.e., darkness, and how far light pollution is spreading in the arctic region. Read results of Syrjävaara's Dark Sky center that maintains online remote controlled night sky brightness measurement stations in three regions of Eastern Finland namely Juuka, Kaavi and Tuusniemi.

Arctic Night and Darkness