Emerging technologies in Västernorrland for disruptive projects

Companies in Örnsköldsvik inspire the INNOCAP partnership to achieve more innovative public services in the Northern Periphery and Arctic Europe.


INNOCAP project partners have met in Örnsköldsvik (Sweden) on the 12th and 13th of March, hosted by partner Association of Local Authorities in Västernorrland. The partnership has progressed on the development of the Capacity Building Programme, learnt from local experts about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cybersecurity, reviewed INNOCAP’s workplan progress and agree on next steps.

This has been the fourth physical meeting of the project in which INNOCAP partners have continued with the development of the Capacity Building Programme. The session allowed the partnership to dive deep into GIS, AI, participatory digital platforms and IoT technologies to achieve more innovative public services. In addition, partners also provided an update on the status and plans for their pilots. Commenting on the progress made, INNOCAP Project Leader and ERNACT Programme Manager Jose Manuel San Emeterio said: "We are very happy of the progress made in the project so far. The capacity building programme sessions have exposed the partnership and other public sector stakeholders to an important range of technologies with huge potential application in the provision of new public services. They have increased their knowledge and capacity leading them into the selection of the more suitable technologies and definition of their pilot services using this technologies”.

After the meeting, the hosting partner organised some interesting presentations from companies from Örnsköldsvik like BAE Systems Hägglunds and Clavister that are currently implementing AI and cybersecurity technologies into the defence sector. INNOCAP partners had the opportunity to ask questions and get inspired from the Swedish companies.

During the second day, the exchange of experience proccess continued. The partnership visited RISE Processum Biorefinery Initiative AB research facilities at Örnsköldsvik, where they could learn from local experts in the fields of biorefinery, biotechnology, organic chemistry and residual materials, among others.



INNOCAP progresses its Capacity Building Programme

Partners discuss the implementation of the four pilots planned in the project to build public sector innovation capacity.