INNOCAP services start to take shape

Partners have started to define the 4 public services using the learnings from the Capacity Building Programme for more disruptive public services.


INNOCAP services are starting to take shape thanks to the learnings coming from the Capacity Building Programme which is reaching now its final stage.

The most recent activities from the capacity building programme have included bespoken sessions with the partners in relation to the services and supporting technologies they plan to implement and which include: 1) Building a digital innovation platform (Västernorrland, Sweden) using participatory web portals; 2) Waste data hub (South Iceland) making use of IoT and data dashboards; 3) Social innovation led service for decision-making on digital and green transition (South Savo, Finland) using visualisation GIS tools and; 4) Climate change action monitoring (Donegal, Ireland) using IoT for flood prevention

Lukasz Porwol, from University of Galway (Ireland), explains that, in this process, a parallel analysis is being carried out to identify relevant data, visualisation tools, geolocation, additional data adaptation, interactive capabilities, how to integrate relevant data visualisation and dashboard, and propose relevant taxonomy and ontology.

Jose Manuel San Emeterio, INNOCAP project leader and ERNACT programme manager, explains that “partners are starting to put in practice the learnings coming from the Capacity Building Programme. They have been exposed to a range of different technologies, have learnt about their capacities and selected those that suit better to their needs. The final stage of the Capacity Building Programme will assist them in the definition and development of the digital-driven services”.



INNOCAP progresses its Capacity Building Programme

Partners discuss the implementation of the four pilots planned in the project to build public sector innovation capacity.