INNOCAP's Knowledge Map to support innovative public services

The 'Knowledge Map' is used as a basis to build the innovation capacity of the public sector.


The INNOCAP project has unveiled its 'Knowledge Map', a vital resource aimed at harnessing and sharing the experiences from its partner regions. This will be an important asset to be used when defining and implementing the Capacity Building Programme intended to enable public sector organisations to introduce disruptive innovations in their task of providing quality and sustainable public services. 

The Knowledge Map serves as an invaluable asset in the journey of our Capacity-Building Programme. It has identified 32 unique experiences, categorized under the four foundational dimensions of the INNOCAP project: 

  • Digital Solutions: Including 10 experiences in areas like AI, VR/AR, IoT, eParticipation, Open Data, and Robotics. A particular spotlight is being cast on the rapidly evolving fields of AI and AR/VR, both of which are witnessing growth at an unrivalled speed. With an aim to stay ahead of the curve, the project will closely monitor these changes, continuously revising and updating its strategies. 

  • Procurement of Innovative Solutions: Featuring 5 instances, including for example the AI Trust Label, a tool to support organizations in understanding of the potentialities, quality, performance and trustworthiness of AI technologies and applications. 

  • Delivery Models: Encompassing 10 modalities, ranging from Co-production and Innovation as a Service to Physical & Virtual Labs and Data-driven events, like the Open Data Cafe held in Galway (Ireland), a series of events focusing on open data’s contribution to open scholarship. 

  • Skills: Spotlighting 7 critical skill areas vital for the future – Innovation in public services, ICT Competences, Open Data, and e-gov among others. 

Furthermore, the upcoming project meeting in Iceland on 19-20 September will serve as a pivotal platform for verifying the present knowledge mapping. This meeting is also set to mark the launch of the inaugural capacity-building session. 

Join us in this exciting journey towards a more innovative, dynamic, and responsive public sector. Dive into the INNOCAP project's Knowledge Map here. 

Stay tuned for more updates!