Western Development Commission Hosts N-LITE Partner Meeting in Ireland

Discover how the N-LITE project is forging new paths in Literary Tourism at the latest partner meeting in Sligo, where innovation meets cultural heritage.


The Western Development Commission (WDC), lead partner of the N-LITE project, recently hosted an international partner meeting at the Strandhill Surf Centre, Sligo, set against the dramatic backdrop of the wild Atlantic. The event was attended by distinguished N-LITE partners from Norway, Sweden, Finland, and the Faroe Islands, marking a significant milestone in the project’s commitment to fostering innovation and cultural exchange in the region.

Allan Mulrooney, CEO of the WDC, inaugurated the session with a compelling introduction that encapsulated the spirit of warmth and ambition which characterises the N-LITE initiative. The discussions of the day centred on core aspects of the project such as enhancing youth engagement in Literary Tourism and advancing digital capacity-building workshops. Participants explored the transformative potential of immersive technologies to deepen the impact of Literary Tourism across the Northern Periphery and Arctic region, envisioning how these innovations could extend the reach of cultural heritage.

The meeting signalled the commencement of an exciting new phase for N-LITE, as the project seeks innovative methods to share and experience cultural heritage. N-LITE warmly invites stakeholders within the Literary Tourism sector to join this collaborative journey. The insights, enthusiasm, and active participation of these stakeholders are vital for unlocking the myriad possibilities envisaged for the future.


N-LITE is a collaborative effort supported by international partners including the Interreg Northern Periphery and Arctic programme, Visit Tórshavn; Faroe Islands; Kajaani University of Applied Sciences; Finland, Regional Council of Kainuu; Finland, Region Västerbotten; Sweden, the Western Devlopment Commission; Ireland, and The Nordland Museum; Norway. The ongoing success of the N-LITE project is a testament to the power of collaboration across borders to enhance and preserve cultural heritage through innovation and digital transformation.



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