RoboDemo partners met in Sweden

The RoboDemo project partners had an amazing opportunity to hit three flies with one strike as they arranged their partner meeting in Sweden at the beginning of November.


After the travelling day, the partners met in a restaurant in Luleå and had a nice time together after a long time without seeing each other in person. On the actual first day of their meeting, the partners visited the premises of Luleå University of Technology and had a workshop on project activities. Anton Koval from LTU introduced the partners with their drone laboratory and the robotic dog.

In the evening, the partners travelled to Skellefteå, where they had a meeting at the T2 Training for Skills. Tobias Johansson gave the partners a tour at the premises and after that, they visited a local frisbee golf disc manufacturer. All the partners were impressed by the volume this company operates on. Aftes the company visit the partners had a workshop on the United Nations’ sustainable development goals.

On the third day of the meeting, the partners took part on Interreg NPA’s annual event, where they listened interesting speeches, created new networks, joined workshops of various topics and at the end of the day, relaxed on a nice dinner. Last day of the trip was dedicated to a Lead Partner seminar, and the other partners had a chance to join a visit to the Skellefteå Science City.

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