Transforming Literary Tourism: WDC Calls for Innovative Digital Solutions

The N-LITE initiative invites SMEs, small businesses, and community organizations to propose innovative digital solutions merging storytelling with immersive technologies, aiming to enhance literary and cultural tourism experiences across Ireland's storied landscapes.


The Western Development Commission (WDC) seeks proposals from SMEs, small businesses, and community organisations involved in the Literary/Cultural Tourism space leading to the development of new innovative digital technology solutions that can transform their literary and cultural narratives into immersive experiences.

N-LITE offers in-kind support to the value of €20,000 for projects to create immersive experiences.

The program aims for innovative proposals that merge storytelling with immersive technologies under the themes of Literature & Landscape, Myths & Legends.

Successful applicants will be supported by a cultural enabler and a technology partner to develop their idea and bring their technology vision to fruition.

Utilising immersive technologies such as Game Engine Visualisation and 3D Modelling, we aim to develop new immersive and interactive experiences that transport participants into the heart of Ireland’s storied landscapes and literary tales, enhancing both the educational and entertainment value of literary and cultural tourism.

Applicant proposals should explore the integration of these technologies into new, engaging products that fuse traditional storytelling with interactive, immersive experiences and enriching the cultural tourism landscape.

We welcome applications from organisations operating within the literary/cultural tourism space located in the NPA region of Ireland, including Donegal, Sligo, Leitrim, Mayo, Roscommon, Galway, Clare, Limerick, Kerry, and Cork.

Terms and conditions here: N-LITE Project Literary Tourism Open Call - Western Development Commission

Proposals must be submitted by 20th May 2024.



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