Blue Circular Nets (CIRCNETS)

Fishing is a significant source of plastic pollution of seas. Blue Circular Nets (CIRCNETS) supports collection, treatment and recycling of fishing gear, so that these end-of-life (EOL) nets are disposed appropriately and they will not end up in seas and degrade marine environment.

Team CIRCNETS to the rescue – tackling marine plastic pollution by taking care of EOL fishing gear

What shall we do with fishing gear that is not good for fishing anymore? Well, we have to dispose of them as we do with any trash, so that they do not end up in the nature. CIRCNETS maps out how fishing gear can be collected, treated and recycled in the NPA region.

About the project

News and events of CIRCNETS


Presentations from Transition to Circular Economy of Fishing Gear seminar

What is circular economy of fishing gear all about? Check out the presentations from our Ålesund seminar.


Workshop Highlights Collaborative Efforts to Tackle Marine Litter from Fishing Gear

Mitigating marine litter, particularly from end-of-life (EOL) fishing gear, were on agenda in a workshop co-hosted by the European Commission and OSPAR took place in Brussels in end of March


Two CIRCNETS Events Included in the European Maritime Day in My Country Programme

First of the events will be organised on 15th of May


Have you met Gus the Gull?

Gus the Gull is the spokesperson of the CIRCNETS project who shares with you the latest news of the project. Gus publishes the Gull Bulletin Newsletter...


Neither snow, nor frost will keep CIRCNETS from delivering…

The temperature is below zero, the ground is covered by snow and the pavements are slippery because of ice. Add to that mix freezing Arctic winds and only 5 hours of daylight in the middle of day. But have no fear, CIRCNETS will keep on rolling…


The International Conference on Ghost Gear 2023

Marine litter and the role of ghost gear on it has been on agenda for quite some time, but the first, international conference on ghost gear was organised only in November 2023


Port visits and 15 minutes of fame for CIRCNETS

Port surveys - what is the status quo of EOL fishing gear collection?


Welcome to Sotenäs - the home of Abba! (not the band, but the seafood producer)

Municipality of Sotenäs on the west coast of Sweden hosted the CIRCNETS kick-off meeting in April 2023

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