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The Interreg NPA programme supports cooperation between remote and sparsely populated communities in the northernmost part of Europe on matters of shared interest. Together we turn ideas into sustainable solutions to improve the quality of life of people living in the NPA.


5th Call for projects

The Fifth Call for main and small-scale capacity building projects will open on 11th June 2024 with a deadline on 30th September 2024. Decisions will take place at an MC meeting in December 2024. It is expected that the Fifth Call will be the last broad main call for the time being, in view of the funding situation.

Deadline 30.09.2024 12:00 CET
Project types Main
5th call for main projects
Call closed

Thank you for applying!

The 4th call closed on 2nd February 2024 12:00 CET. All submitted applications have now entered a selection process. The decisions will be announced in May 2024. Check out the Call calendar to see when the next call is opening!

Deadline 02.02.2024 12:00 CET
Project types Main
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A quick start to Interreg NPA funding

Applying with a European funding programme might seem discouraging. We want to make it simpler. For this reason we prepared some essential information to get you off to an easy start.

What can be funded?

Projects shall first of all address the programme Priorities, to make our regions and communities greener, smarter and closer together. Projects must also be rooted in the needs of the programme area.

Can I get funded?

In general, the programme is open for public and private organisations of all kinds from inside the programme area, and third sector organisations. Individual persons are not eligible for funding in this programme.

When can I apply?

Calls for project applications are launched regularly, approximately two times per year in spring and autumn. Check the call calendar to view open calls.

What kind of projects are supported?

We support Preparatory projects to develop Main projects. Main projects to deliver concrete outputs and solutions for a smarter and greener NPA. Small-scale projects for building cooperation capacity, and Clustering projects to exploit the synergies of existing projects and reach a wider audience.

How much funding is granted?

The size of a project budget varies between 100.000 Eur to 1,5 mln Eur depending on what kind of project you run. All project partners will be granted 50% to 65% of their budget from the programme. The remaining amount must be covered by own resources (staff costs) or by an external contribution.

Where can I get all the details?

The Programme Manual is the main guidance document for applicants and project managers. It contains all the information needed for developing and running an Interreg NPA project. The staff at the Secretariat and the Regional Contact Points can assist you further with your plans.

Programme Funding

The Programme is financed through European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and ERDF equivalent funding from the Non-EU partner countries, supplemented by match funding from projects.


Find programme documents

The Interreg NPA programme is the result of a joint consultation process where stakeholders analysed the area and its policy context to identify the common goals and strategy. This process resulted in the Cooperation Programme document approved by the European Commission on 9th September 2022. In this area you can find all documentation forming the backbone of the Interreg NPA.

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NPA 2014-2020

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Are you aware of other projects previously funded in the same theme as your project idea? Have a look at our previously funded projects or browse the map of results from the NPA 2014-2020.

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