Monitoring Committee

The Monitoring Committee (MC) is in charge of supervising the programme. Its overall task is to ensure the quality and effectiveness of the programme's implementation. The MC is also responsible for the selection of project applications.

What we do

The Monitoring Committee (MC) is the decision making body of Interreg NPA Programme. Each programme partner country is represented on the committee with its national and regional representatives (for some regions only one representative is selected) and decisions are made by consensus. In addition, the European Commission attends meetings of the MC in an advisory capacity together with other permanent observers as listed below. The MC is overlooking the Programme´s implementation, can decide the thematic focus of the calls, and is responsible for selecting the approved applications.

Monitoring Committee meetings

The Monitoring Committee meets indicatively twice a year in person in one of the programme regions, or in Copenhagen. During the year, other ad hoc virtual MC meetings might occur. A summary of the MC decisions is published after each meeting and is available on the News & Events page.

Striving for diversity and inclusion

The permanent observers at the Monitoring Committee include representative of neighbouring countries and representatives of underrepresented groups such as youth, indigenous peoples. The observers are encouraged to provide input into the discussion and comment on suggested project applications. Observers do not have a voting mandate.

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