Monitoring Committee

The Monitoring Committee (MC) is in charge of supervising the programme. Its overall task is to ensure the quality and effectiveness of the programme's implementation. The MC is also responsible for the assessment and selection of project applications.

Each programme partner country is represented on the committee and decisions are made by consensus. The committee also includes the following permanent observers: representatives from Russia, the Nordic Atlantic Cooperation (NORA), and the Arctic Council's Indigenous Peoples' Secretariat. In addition, the European Commission is an observer in an advisory capacity.

Members are listed below.

Ms Margretha Jacobsen 
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Ms Helinä Yli-Knuutila
Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment
Deputy: Ms Tuulia Väliheikki
Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment
Ms Satu Vehreävesa
The Regional Council of Pohjois-Savo
Deputy: Mr Heikki Ojala
Council of Oulu Region
Ms Anita Smed
Minister of Business and Trade
Ms Hólmfríður Sveinsdóttir
Ministry of Transport and Local Government
Ms Sigridur Elin Thordardottir
The Icelandic Regional Development Institute - Byggðastofnun
Mr Mike McGrath
Substitute: Ms Cathy Geagan
Department of Public Expenditure and Reform
Mr David Minton
Northern and Western Regional Assembly
Mr Dominic McCullough
Department of Finance
Ms Lisbeth Nylund
Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation
Mr Stig Olsen
Nordland County Council
Mr Jim Millard
Scottish Government, Directorate for Economic Development
Ms Mary Louise Howat
Argyll and Bute Council
Ms Isabella Palomba Rydén
Ministry of Enterprise
Ms Karin Malmfjord
Municipality of Storuman
Substitute: Mr Jarl Folkesson
Municipality of Storuman
Deputy: Mr Jahangir Kaisar
Swedish Agency for Economic
and Regional Growth - Tillväxtverket
Mr Petri Koistinen
European Commission, DG Regional and Urban Policy
Mr Igor Kapyrin
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Russian Federation
Mr Asmundur Gudjonsson
Nordic Atlantic Cooperation - NORA
Ms Anna Degteva
Arctic Council Indigenous Peoples' Secretariat