Project Communication

Communicating the great work of the project is essential to increase awareness among citizens about the results achieved with European cooperation funding, attract more potential project partners and increase transparency.

Projects that make a difference

The Interreg NPA programme believes that cooperation contributes to a more sustainable and inclusive Northern Periphery and Arctic. Projects play a key role as they form the link between the programme and the citizens in the NPA area. They engage with stakeholders, policy makers and citizens to develop valuable solutions that work for them. Sharing your project's goals, activities, progress, and successes shows what a difference European cooperation can make in the Northern Periphery and Arctic. We support you with guidance, templates, networking, events and much more.

Publicity requirements

The programme aims to raise awareness about cooperation benefits and results, with projects playing a key role. To ensure consistent communication and promotion of Interreg NPA and EU funding, specific requirements are outlined in the EU Regulation and NPA programme manual, which Interreg NPA projects must meet.


Project communication managers network

The programme aims to create an interactive exchange that will make the communication more relevant and that increases the ownership of the programme and its results, optimising the use of limited resources. For this reason, all project communication managers are invited to join the Network of project communication managers. Contact the Communication Manager to join the group.

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