Can you get funded?

Public and private organisations based in the NPA regions are welcome to apply for funding as part of a transnational partnership. Ensuring the correct mix of transnational partners in a project is crucial to achieving genuine transnational cooperation and successful results.

We are open to partners in our area

In general, the programme is open for public and private partners of all kinds from inside the programme area, for example regional and local authorities and other public sector organisations, research institutions and private entities including social enterprises, and third sector organisations. Besides that, local and regional SMEs, among these specifically micro enterprises in remote and sparsely populated areas and business organisations, etc. All partners should have the capacity and knowledge in the project subject area to participate fully and to deliver the solutions proposed by the project.

Who can apply for funds?

Take a look at the points below to make sure your organisation and your partners are the right match for a successful Interreg NPA partnership.

Contact us

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If you want to check if your organisation is eligible to receive the funding, or if you are looking for other organisations to join your project, get in touch with us or contact the Regional Contact Point in your area.

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