Regional Contact Points

The Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme covers a large geographical area. Each of the participating programme partner countries has a Regional Contact Point (RCP). This person is a local source of advice and information about the Programme.

What we do

The Regional Contact Points (RCPs) work in close cooperation with the Joint Secretariat, but are the local experts on the ground. They have expertise and knowledge on how to develop and manage a transnational project and can advise you if looking for suitable project partners in their region or inform you about any national restrictions to budget levels and Programme match funding. This is why it is always worthwhile to consult your RCP in the planning and implementation of your project. When it comes to project selection, RCPs carry out regional appraisals of preparatory projects, and make a recommendation on whether or not to support the project. For main projects, RCPs collect and summarise the regional appraisals carried out by Regional Advisory Groups

Regional events

RCPs organize local Programme events throughout the year. These are usually a great opportunity for project partners from the same Programme partner country to meet and exchange ideas, knowledge, and experience of running an Interreg NPA project.

We help you navigate applications

Regional Contact Points serve as invaluable resources for the applicants offering expertise, support and assistance throughout the application process and project lifecycle. RCPs are a primary source of information about the programme, providing guidance on program rules, eligibility criteria, and application procedures. Photo credit: Håvard Rødsand

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