Project Start-Up

Congratulations, your project has been approved! Find out what happens at this stage, which activities can already start, and what is necessary for contracting your project.

What happens now

At this point, your project proposal has been assessed and approved by the Monitoring Committee. Congratulations! In the period between the MC decision until the Grant Letter is issued, the Joint Secretariat will reach out to Lead Partners in order to discuss any pre-contracting actions stipulated by the MC, to inform you about what activities can start, and to gather the necessary data for finalising the contracting in Jems.

Start-up phase

Find out what are the next steps as soon as your project is approved.


Need help with Jems?

A step-by-step manual to guide beneficiaries through all tasks that can be performed in Jems. And if you cannot find what you need, please contact us at

Go to Jems User Manual

Access your project on Jems

All Interreg NPA projects are managed and monitored through Jems, the Joint Electronic Monitoring System. Access the system here and get started with the next steps.

Interreg NPA Jems

Programme Manual

The Programme Manual is the main guidance document for project managers. It contains the essential information needed for implementing an Interreg NPA project.

Programme Manual

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