Interreg Northern Periphery and Arctic

An EU funding programme supporting cooperation between remote and sparsely populated communities in the northernmost part of Europe on matters of shared interest. Together we turn ideas into sustainable solutions to improve the quality of life of people living in the NPA.

We fund transnational cooperation

We support great ideas that make the Northern Periphery and Arctic an even better place to live, work and visit! To do that we fund innovative and creative projects that build on the unique features of peripherality of the NPA regions and bring their communities together to become more sustainable and resilient. To apply for funding, you should have an idea how to improve the quality of life of people in remote and sparsely populated areas, their well-being and the environment they live in now, and in the future. You should also involve public institutions, private companies and civil society organisations from other NPA regions, to work together.

Connecting people through common goals

Sparse population and extreme peripherality from the economic centres of the EU are defining characteristics that give a strong rationale for cooperation across the territory. The focus of Interreg NPA extends beyond projects and documents. It's about connecting like-minded people, organisations, and regions to cooperate on common and shared issues in ways that recognise their particular needs. Whether addressing environmental challenges, promoting innovation, or enhancing social cohesion, the emphasis on joint priorities ensures that efforts are coordinated, maximizing the impact of transnational cooperation. (Photo from Ascent project, Interreg NPA 2014-2020)

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What are NPA projects about

We support projects that help make the NPA regions and communities smarter, greener and closer together. For example projects can help small companies become greener and more innovative, develop digital solutions to simplify the life of citizens, organisations, and SMEs. Projects can improve the way people use energy and reduce greenhouse gasses, or prepare communities better for climate change and disasters. Circular economy and finding new ways to reuse waste is also an important contribution NPA projects can give. And above all, we support organisations to work more together across countries. (Photo from Northern Cereals project, Interreg NPA 2014-2020)

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How it works

The Interreg NPA programme funds transnational cooperation projects through open calls for proposals which are published regularly. Projects must involve organisations from at least 3 countries participating in the Interreg NPA programme and address the programme priorities. With its work, each project shall deliver a solution that benefits the people who live in the area. Approved projects will be granted up to 65% of their budget from the programme. The remaining amount must be covered by own resources (staff costs) or by an external contribution.

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Projects drive the change

Interreg NPA projects work starts from an idea which is developed together by the partners into new tools, solutions, practices, knowledge and skills that can be put into practice and thereby make change happen. We have funded more than 30 projects, take a look at what the future is going to look like.

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NPA 2014-2020 cooperation STORIES

Take a tour on our map of results

Seven years of cooperation between people, communities, and organisations across thousands of kilometres made a difference in the Northern Periphery and Arctic regions. Browse the NPA map of results to discover our stories of cooperation. Pick a dot from the map and scroll down to read about people who have met similar minded colleagues and together found solutions for their shared challenges.

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