Managing Authority

The Managing Authority (MA) is the body formally responsible for managing the programme on behalf of the participating partner countries. It is the County Administrative Board of Västerbotten based in Umeå, Sweden

What we do

The MA issues the Grant Letters and signs the contracts on behalf of the programme. The MA also plays an important role in the financial claim process for project partners, where the MA must make sure that all project expenditure has been adequately checked and validated by the financial controllers before it can be authorised for payment. The MA also handles the transfer of payments to projects.

Managing Authority team

Stefan Nyström

Programme Controller

Where to find us

County Administrative Board of Västerbotten/Länsstyrelsen i Västerbottens Län Storgatan 71B, SE-901 86 Umeå SWEDEN

We oversee the implementation of the Interreg NPA programme

The Managing Authority oversees the implementation of the Interreg NPA programme and its projects. This includes the allocation of funds, programme evaluation, and compliance with EU regulations.

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