What we fund

Interreg NPA Programme is funding transnational cooperation projects that come with ideas and solutions how to make the Arctic and near-Arctic regions even better places to live, work and visit!

What is the aim of our projects?

The objective of the Interreg NPA Programme and its projects is to foster change within the Northern Periphery and Arctic communities. Projects are expected to deliver concrete, durable, and tangible results that bring positive changes in the Programme area. Each project should select the most appropriate priority and inside this, the most appropriate specific objective. The impacts of NPA projects lead to attitude change, an openness to new approaches, an improved entrepreneurial business environment, a change in awareness and public policy or an increased preparedness.

Projects with a thematic focus


Projects in this priority help small companies become greener and more innovative, develop digital solutions to simplify the life of citizens, organisations, and SMEs.


Projects in this priority help improve the way people use energy and reduce greenhouse gasses, or prepare communities better for climate change and disasters.


Projects in this priority help strengthening cooperation skills and foster collaboration across communities and small organisations.

What kinds of projects are supported?

The Interreg NPA Programme supports different project types, which are described below. Please note that eligibility and selection criteria vary depending on the different project types. Besides this, additional expectations and requirements may be defined in each Call.

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Projects drive the change

Interreg NPA projects work starts from an idea which is developed together by the partners into new tools, solutions, practices, knowledge and skills that can be put into practice and thereby make change happen. We have funded more than 30 projects, take a look at what the future is going to look like.

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Photos on this page from Interreg NPA 2014-2020 projects: REGINA-Nordregio/Leneisja Jungsberg; CINE; Circular Ocean; and NPA in-person event.

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