Project Communication

For the programme period 2014-2020, the European Commission is placing more emphasis on communicating results. In line with this, the aim of the NPA Communication Strategy is to raise awareness about the Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme 2014-2020, its objectives and its outputs by engaging with (potential) beneficiaries, relevant stakeholders and the public, thereby facilitating the achievement of the changes sought by the programme. The programme aims to create an interactive exchange that will make the communication more relevant, and that increases the ownership of the programme and its results, optimising the use of limited resources. 

Projects also have a role to play in carrying out the NPA 2014-2020 communication strategy. All projects that receive European funding must comply with the publicity requirements stipulated in the European regulations. In addition, the NPA 2014-2020 has outlined a number of requirements that all main projects must meet. Progress on communication activities and the mandatory publicity requirements is monitored through questions in the Progress Report. 

More information about the publicity requirements can be found below and in chapter 3 of the Programme Manual

European emblem

The European publicity requirements for projects are laid down in the Common Provision Regulation (EU) 1303/2013, Articles 115-117 and Annex XII, and Implementing Regulation 821/2014, Articles 3-5 and Annex II. 

It stipulates that all projects are responsible for informing the public about assistance received from ERDF. All information and publicity measures must include: 

  1. The European flag, in accordance with the technical characteristics set out in the Commission Implementing Regulation, together with a reference to the European Union 
  2. A reference to the fund: “European Regional Development Fund” 

The size of the EU flag shall be appropriate to the scale of the material. For small promotional objects, point 2 does not apply. 

As mentioned above, all main projects are expected to develop a set of mandatory communication tools within the first six months of the project lifetime. In addition, projects are expected to budget for mandatory attendance at events organised by the Programme. 

Mandatory communication tools Mandatory communication tools within the first reporting period:

  • Project website, as part of the programme website. This includes a brief description of the project, its objectives, target groups, expected and reported outputs, and relevant images and materials. The information should be updated regularly. See instructions in the Download section on the right.
  • Project logo 
  • Promotional materials for conferences, seminars, exhibitions, etc. 
  • Project presentation in PowerPoint format outlining the project’s objectives 
  • Placing at least one poster with information about the project (minimum size A3), including the financial support from the European Union, at a location readily visible to the public, such as the entrance area of a building. 

Expected attendance at NPA events during the project lifetime: 

  • Lead Partner seminars (once a year) 
  • Partner seminars organised in each of the partner countries (once a year) 
  • One thematic seminar 
  • One additional training seminar 

Together with the European flag, projects must include the NPA 2014-2020 logo on all communication measures. You can download the logo in different formats on the right-hand side.

A communication toolkit for projects, including templates and guidelines for the use of the NPA 2014-2020 visual identity is currently under development.