Interreg Northern Periphery and Arctic

An EU funding programme supporting cooperation between remote and sparsely populated communities in the northernmost part of Europe on matters of shared interest. Together we turn ideas into sustainable solutions to improve the quality of life of people living in the NPA.

How we treat your data

Protecting your personal data is important to us. We follow the European General Data Protection Rules. On this page you will find information how we treat your data on our website, as well as on Jems. You can also read the terms of use for the Joint online monitoring system.

Information how we handle Personal Data

In all EU countries, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applies. The regulation strengthens the protection of your personal data and your right to know what they are used for and how they are processed by us at the Interreg NPA, but also at other organizations and companies.

Website usage tracking

We use Plausible Analytics to track the usage of our website, without collecting any personal data or personally identifiable information (PII), and without using cookies. By using Plausible Analytics, all the site measurement is carried out anonymously. Cookies are not set and no personal data is collected. All data is in aggregate only. We use Umbraco as a CMS system. Cookies are strictly necessary for accessing the Umbraco backoffice, that is in case you are editing content on our website e.g. as a proejct communication manager.

Jems terms of use and data policy

Jems Terms of service and Privacy Policy for the use of the Interreg Northern Periphery and Arctic Joint electronic monitoring system (Jems)

Download Jems Terms of use and privacy policy here.

Use of materials, copyright

The Interreg NPA website contain texts, maps, images and illustrations that are protected by copyright and may not be used without permission. The same applies to our logos. 

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