Preparatory and small-scale projects

Interreg NPA projects funded through lump-sums follow a simpler reporting procedure.

How it works

Preparatory projects, clustering projects, and other small-scale projects funded through lump-sums will submit only one Final Project Report at the end of the project. Project reporting for this type of projects is simplified because the partners do not have to report and certify their expenditures. Instead, all partners contribute to the description of the work carried out to meet the project objective and deliverables in the project report, to be submitted by the Lead Partner. The programme releases the lump-sum payment based on the evidence documented in the report in line with the conditions in the Grant Letter.

What you need to do

To ensure a good monitoring of the project implementation, NPA preparatory projects are expected to submit a Final Project Report. Read about what you need to do to prepare and submit a partner report.

Start reporting in Jems

All Interreg NPA projects are managed and monitored through Jems, the Joint Electronic Monitoring System. Access the system here and get started with the next steps.

Interreg NPA Jems

Programme Manual

The Programme Manual is the main guidance document for project managers. It contains the essential information needed for implementing an Interreg NPA project.

Programme Manual

Jems User Manual

In this manual you will find a step-by-step guide to all processes taking place in Jems, as well as tips and troubleshooting. With the help of screenshots and tutorials, you can easily find your way into our system.

Jems User Manual

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