Preparatory Project Final Reporting


To ensure a good monitoring of the project implementation, NPA preparatory projects are expected to submit a Final Project Report. A Project Report contains both activity and financial information.

There are two types of reports a project has to submit:

  • Project Report (Period 1): this report is filled out by the Lead Partner. It contains activity information, and supporting documentation. The project report is submitted by the Lead Partner to the Programme in eMS.
  • Partner Reports (Period 0): by clicking the button “Claim Preparation Costs”, the system will automatically generate and submit partner reports for the exact lump sum amounts outlined in the application budget.

Preparatory projects have 3 months from the end of the project until they need to submit Final Report to the Programme.

Once submitted, the Project Report enters a process of assessment by the Joint Secretariat, the Managing Authority, and the Certifying Function. For Final Reports that are complete, the assessment period takes maximum 90 days. If the Final Report is accepted, a lump sum payment is made to the Lead Partner, after which the Grant is distributed to the project partners. If any information is missing, the programme bodies will ask the project for clarifications.

Please see the eMS Instructions for Preparatory Project Final Reporting. These instructions should also be used by clustering and micro projects.