Towards a greener, more inclusive and gender balanced NPA

When it comes to addressing global issues at local level, NPA projects can be game changers. Transnational cooperation allows local organisations and people to see beyond their borders to come up with new, fresh, and innovative practices on how to influence behaviour and promote greater inclusivity and sustainability across the region.


NPA projects are change-makers

Since the NPA projects receive public funding, they have a responsibility to act as role models and set a good example. With positive results, the projects can inspire and support politicians and decision-makers to make the right, and sometimes difficult choices.

All approved projects are required to contribute to the improvement of the 3 horizontal principles:

  1. Sustainable development
  2. Non-discrimination
  3. Gender equality

These three principles are addressed during the project implementation and embedded in all the project activities, events, and achievements.



Sharing is inspiring!

As starting from scratch can be demanding, the Secretariat prepared 3 guiding documents and one Checklist to inspire the projects on the steps they can take on their journey towards greener, more inclusive and gender balanced NPA. Check out these materials and let us know if you found them useful!

Additionally, the Checklist contains a list of green & inclusive ideas to consider when organising travel, accommodation, catering, or marketing of project related events such as meetings, workshops, trainings, or site visits.



Hero image copyright: SHAPE project, Interreg NPA 2014-2020


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