Societal Growth in Renewable Energy and Storage Innovation

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Countries across the NPA share climate change challenges and the need for citizens to understand and contribute to energy efficient practices while being situated in sparsely populated areas with high energy needs, cold climates, defective housing insulation, fossil fuel dependency and energy insecurity exasperated by the war, causing distress to citizens reliant on oil or gas. This preparatory project aims to identify countries, regions and key decision-makers for cooperation, to jointly develop an NPA project with the objective to identify, develop and deploy solutions supporting the adoption of renewable energy systems and sustainable energy use. The project will conclude with the main project application.

Project priority

Climate Change

Project period





Lead Partner

Mid Sweden University

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2.1 Promoting energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Total Budget

49.999,92 EUR

NPA Co-Financing

32.499,94 EUR

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New dates for the 4th and 5th Call for projects

The Monitoring Committee decided to extend the duration of the Fourth Call for main projects. New dates were also agreed for the Fifth Call, while Preparatory project calls are suspended.

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