Mission-oriented innovation towards digital and green transitions in the NPA communities

What we do

MINDSET's goal is clear: we are exploring how mission-oriented innovation (MOI) approaches can support addressing social challenges in Northern Periphery and Arctic regions. We will review existing MOI models, tailor them to regional and local needs and engage stakeholders to define concrete missions tackling these challenges. Our objectives are to assess suitable MOI approaches, involve stakeholders in defining mission and develop a project proposal to implement those missions. Through collaboration and focused effort, we want to drive impactful change in NPA communities

What is MOI?

Mission-Oriented Innovation is an emerging field giving a better strategic and holistic orientation of Science, Technology and Innovation to respond to one or several of the grand societal challenges (missions) and create public value to society.

Why do we need it in the NPA regions?

While the EU and its member states are exploring MOI, its effectiveness at the local and regional level remains limited. Recognizing this gap, the MINDSET project considers it necessary to adapt and align MOI strategies specifically for NPA regions, taking into account their unique conditions and challenges.

MINDSET recognizes the potential of MOI to generate public value, tackle actual challenges, foster innovation and foster positive transformations within these unique regions.

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European Regions Network for the Application of Communications Technology

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1.1 Developing and enhancing research and innovation capacities and the uptake of advanced technologies

Total Budget

99.807,50 EUR

NPA Co-Financing

64.874,87 EUR

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