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Supporting SMEs to make smart decisions about sustainability

Target Circular is putting out a call for business advisers across Ireland to attend its learning and dissemination event on March 6th in Skibbereen


SMEs, and in particular sustainability-focused SMEs in the Northern Periphery and Arctic area face more challenges to achieving success than SMEs in less peripheral and non-sustainability-focused enterprises. These SMEs and their advisors thus need to be better equipped to overcome these greater barriers.

Target circular address peripheral and circular SME-specific challenges by focusing on creating resources for, and upskilling, Business Support Organisations as a high-impact way to reach many SMEs.

First strategic entrepreneur training pilot launched in Ireland

Target Circular has already launched its first strategic entrepreneur training pilot programme at the Ludgate Hub in West Cork, and aims to develop materials for SMEs that will be distributed through Local Enterprise Offices (LEOs) in Ireland and their equivalents in other participating countries.

Interviewed on The Irish Times  the project Lead Partner Dr Niall O’Leary from Hincks’s Centre for Entrepreneurship Excellence in MTU, said there is enthusiasm and lots of ideas, but only limited time and resources, and Target Circular helps companies to focus their efforts.

Target Circular is helping us to strategise and narrow our focus. It’s more of a practical approach rather than focusing your energies in the wrong area that might not benefit the long term goals of what you’re trying to achieve,” says Louise Byrne, sustainability manager for the Killarney Park Hotel and Ross Hotel in Kerry, interviewed by the Irish Times.

Call for business advisers

For this reason a call for business advisers across Ireland is launched to attend a learning and dissemination event on March 6th in Skibbereen, Co Cork, Ireland. 

Those interested in participating in the event are advised to contact Dr Niall O’Leary at the Hincks Centre of Entrepreneurship Excellence, or Circular BioEconomy Cluster Southwest.



Image Caption: Involved in the Target Circular project are Jennifer Shore of Ludgate Hub; Louise Byrne of Killarney Park and The Ross hotels; Katy Wareing, director of strategy & innovation, Ludgate Hub; Michael Ledwith, Atlantic Bio-Cycle; Niall O'Leary, Hincks Centre, MTU Cork; Martin Johnson, Ecodiversity; and Stephen Barry-Hannon, Circular Bio Economy Cluster, MTU South West. Photograph: Andy Gibson

Image Copyright:  The Irish Times

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