Utilising the sea to mitigate climate change and Strengthening Coastal Communities

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The ambition of ECOSEA preparatory project is to improve the resilience, survivability, and sustainability of coastal communities and reduce risks and vulnerabilities as they face increasingly impactful effects of climate change such as retraining local communities in skills relevant to climate change initiatives. The coupling of coastal community-based initiatives such as involving and informing on how best to utilise their marine economy, retraining and reskilling, coupled with the economic opportunities for marine SME’s to add value to their existing business by reducing waste, improving their business, generating further employment and adding economic benefit to the region whilst implementing more sustainable and circular practices leads to an impactful project. The project will conclude with the main project application.

Project priority

Climate Change

Project period





Lead Partner

Nua na Mara, officially MIDC PÁIRC NA MARA

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Project info


2.3 Promoting the transition to a circular and resource efficient economy

Total Budget

49.800,00 EUR

NPA Co-Financing

30.900,00 EUR

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