Value chain analyses of transdisciplinary “KET-enabled” makerspaces

What we do

Remote NPA regions requires dedicated spaces for making objects – which we describe as makerspaces. Makerspaces allow multidisciplinary concepts to be investigated using digital tools in a laboratory environment. Providing access to these tools inspires the next generation to scale concepts in future production environments. The competitiveness realized by such makerspaces depend on the deployment of disruptive tools based on key enabling technologies (KET-enabled makerspaces). The objective of this preparatory project is to understand how a broad constituency of stakeholders across the NPA region can contribute to, and apply, KET-enabled makerspaces to contribute to the innovation capacity of region. The project will conclude with the main project application.

Project priority


Project period





Project info


1.1 Developing and enhancing research and innovation capacities and the uptake of advanced technologies

Total Budget

99.996,97 EUR

NPA Co-Financing

64.998,02 EUR

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